State of mind

In a flip-flop state of mind..


It’s late at night and my thoughts are running wild.There is a feeling I have been trying to ignore for quite some time now,but I guess sooner or later I have to face it.Not quite sure what the feeling is,it’s probably a mixture of anger,guilt,regret and love.It’s difficult to deal with such emotions all at once.Sometimes,all we want during such situations is someone to console us or just hear us out yet the irony of life lies in the fact that the only person we want to console us is the reason why we need the consolation in the first place.Just looking for some way out of it,i don’t know what to call it “a beautiful mess,” maybe?Hoping that’s the only solution to be sane right now.It’s one thing to be crazy about someone and other to be driven crazy by the same. Can’t say which is worse.But,hey,that’s the thing you know? Inspite of knowing how every little thing affects us we still continue to be affected by them.So,I guess the only thing to do right now is take a deep breath,and hope that tomorrow brings us a new day-full of hopes,promises,changes and choices-which will hopefully not keep me up another night reflecting on my sudden burst of scattered emotions.After all,the state of your life is nothing but the reflection of the state of your mind.:)
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